The Primary Care Revolution

It’s near. We deserve it. The only question that remains is if we’ll have the courage to do it, and the sense to do it right. Of course, I am talking about healtcare reform. I am frightened because we regularly compare our healthcare system to those in other countries…and cultures, and it seems to me that we forget how fiercely we value… and are influenced by…our own culture. While I understand the desire to avoid “recreating the wheel,” it occurs to me that the solution to the healthcare system in America will require old-fashioned American ingenuity, tempered by common-sense, informed by true creativity. The problem is that even as the theme in Washington is “Change we can believe in” I still see our Capitol in the terms that someone brighter than me once defined it: “64-square miles bounded on all sides by reality.” Perhaps more to the point, I see words like creativity, ingenuity, and especially common-sense as oxymorons when used in the same sentence as most politicians.

What I know is that Primary Care (and therefore Family Medicine) must be at the center of whatever solution is crafted, and I grow more confident in that happening every day. For more on why, see the article that ran earlier this week in the New York Times linked below. While I am not sure that the average primary care salary comes close in my part of the world, the point is well made and worthy of your read.



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